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World War II

The letters featured in this exhibit were written by soldiers stationed in Texas at Kelly Field (San Antonio) and Camp Hood (Killeen) during World War II.   

Civil War

The letters featured in this exhibit were written by family members directly affected by the Civil War. The correspondence between familial relations reveals the day-to-day norms of family life during the Civil War.

The Old Flag

The handwritten newspaper created by Confederate prisioners of war at Camp Ford. 

Texas in Prosperity

The personal correspondence of Dr. J.T. Jones. 

World War I

A colledtion of letters, magazines, ephemera, and documents that illustrate the lives of Texans during the years of World War One (1914-1918). 

While some letters feature the thoughts and conversations of individuals and families whom the war directly affected, others reveal the day-to-day experiences of life in Texas with little or no reference to the Great War.

This exhibit also features the ephemeral magazine, The Accelerator, created "For and By the Men of the M.R.P." (Munitions Response Program), who were stationed in Europe.